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FINALLY...An Online Resource For Movement Based Games

Are you looking for FUN ways to spice up your workouts and help your clients get better?

Let's face it, athletes and adult fitness enthusiasts can easily get bored with the same old training drills and exercises. However, if you are looking for games that challenge speed, agility, quickness, balance, reaction, and strength this online membership is definitely for you!

Included you will learn over fifteen of my favorite movement based games that I have personally used with high school athletic teams, elementary PE classes, all the way up to teams in the NFL and Olympians.  The best part about these games is that the athletes never get tired of playing them!

What is the format of Movement Based Games?

Originally a best-selling DVD, these games are now available as an online membership that also includes a downloadable ebook.  With one game per page in an easy to understand format, it serves as the perfect resource to print out and take with you to the field or court.  Included is the game description, equipment needed, how to play overview, and special coaching tips and cues.

What about Adult Fitness Bootcamps?

These games are ideal for fitness bootcamps and are the perfect way to finish a bootcamp workout!   I have used every one of these games in a bootcamp setting with adults up to a group as large as sixty five at a time.
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What is included in the membership?

Over twenty of the most requested games to use with athletes of all ages. Each game includes a printable handout along with a short video tutorial of how to play the game.

What are the appropriate ages for these games?

I use these games with athletes of ALL ages, levels, and abilities from young athletes all the way up to professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and even Olympians. These games are GREAT for Adult Bootcamps as well!

Will I need any special equipment?

There are some games that require zero equipment, while the rest require minimal performance equipment that you likely already have such as hoops, ladders, hurdles, bands, etc.
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