• A Coach That Believes In You

    A Coach That Believes In You

    A partner in developing your potential

  • A Program Designed For You

    A Program Designed For You

    Based on the Demands of Your Sport-
    Your Position- Your Physical & Mental Qualities

If You Are Looking For A Competitive Edge…

Athlete By Design provides performance solutions for a  wide variety of individual athletes, teams, and organizations at all levels of play.  This may include a player returning from injury, a young athlete hoping to get a college scholarship, or a professional athlete looking to improve player value.

Coming back from a recent injury?  We offer one of the most cutting-edge sports therapy programs available.  Whether it’s low back pain, a pulled muscle such as a hamstring, a torn ligament such as an ACL, or a strained tendon such as rotator cuff tendonitis, we can help you return to play quickly and efficiently.

Clients/athletes are likely to be successful working with us if…

You are committed to being your best.  Winning is not always about being the best, it is about doing your best. 

You are coachable and can accept instructions and positive criticism.  The world’s greatest athletes have their own personal coach working with them to improve skills, physical and mental attributes, and tactics on a daily basis.  They understand that without someone else to constantly help guide, support, and teach them, the chances of athletic success dramatically decrease.

You like to have fun and are passionate about your sport. 

You understand that becoming your best is a long term process.  Those athletes who view participation in competitive sport as a lifestyle and not a program ultimately experience longer careers and greater success.  Remember, athletes are made daily, not in a day.

You are competitive with not only others but with yourself.

Performance Programs

    • Get Faster Now™- This training program evaluates, teaches, and trains general fundamental movement skills as well as the technical skills needed to increase speed and agility in performance
    • Get Stronger Now™- This training program focuses on building age appropriate strength and power that will transfer to the field, court, or ice.
    • Get Back In The Game™- This program is designed specifically for the athlete trying to return from an injury.   Most athletes who enroll in this program suffer a minor injury they deem not worthy of seeking medical help, but severe enough that it keeps them from participating in their sport.  For more details please contact us.
    • ACL Prevent™- This COMPLETELY UNIQUE program is ideal for any athlete trying to return from an ACL injury or looking to try and prevent an ACL tear.  Pulling from the latest scientific research combined with our unique ACL evaluation profile, this program will help give the injured athlete their best chance of returning to play better then ever before.
      • Ready To Play™-  The ONLY mental performance program of it’s kind!  Based on the little known science of Sports Axiology, this program will help any athlete consistently make better decisions both on and off the field, court, or ice.


I work with a limited number of dedicated athletes and coaches who are serious about improving their performance and want to become the best version of themselves in sport and in life.  If this sounds like you contact us.

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