Essential Coaching Strategies- Part 2 [podcast]

In this brand new series titled ‘Essential Coaching Strategies’ I am joined by Nick Winkelman from Athlete’s Performance.   During this episode we discuss the following:

  • Two big ideas about practice and coaching
  • What is practice variability how does it impact planning a practice?
  • What is contextual interference?
  • What are the 3 different ways to use contextual interference during a practice?
  • Is there a magic number when it comes to repetition of learning a motor skill?
  • How can a coach know when it’s best to use block practice versus serial practice?
  • Do these have age implications? 
  • Players who practice great but can’t transfer it to the game
  • 5  Big Ideas about practice
    • Using block practice to build self-confidence
    • Systemically driven coaches count the minutes while intrinsically driven coaches look for moments.
    • Feedback can elicit discussion that gets in the way of practice. Watch out for athletes who try to use conversation as a way to manipulate or avoid certain parts of practice
    • There is a danger in trying to accomplish too many objectives in a single practice
    • Practice shapes the brain!
  • Plus more!

Nick is the Director of Education at Athletes’ Performance where he oversees all mentorship education courses and is a full-time strength and conditioning coach. Nick has a diverse coaching background within the sports performance field working with NFL Combine Preparation, Tactical Athletes, Fire Fighters and many other sports.  For more about Nick click here.

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