Athlete Monitoring pt2

Do You Use A Subjective Questionnaire In Your Program Design?

In part two of this podcast series on Athlete Monitoring, I have a great discussion with Coach Nate Brookreson and how he uses Subjective Questionnaires in his program design with the teams he gets to work with at NC State.

We talk about the following:
  • What is subjective questioning and how can coaches best use it in their program?
  • What is 'tangible accountability' as it relates to subjective questioning?
  • When the data shows that an athlete is in the color 'red' is that a bad thing?
  • How do you ensure an athlete answers your questionnaire honestly?
  • What's the difference between 'relative' vs 'absolute' intensity?
  • How do you use questionnaires during the offseason when athletes are back home during the summer?
  • How do you put everything all together? (i.e. SRPE, Subjective Questionnaires, etc.)
Nate Brookreson was named Director of Strength & Conditioning for Olympic Sports at NC State in June of 2015.  His primary training duties are with women’s basketball, swimming and diving and men and women’s golf, while supervising the implementation of training for over 500 student-athletes. 


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