Strength Training & Coordination pt 3 w/Frans Bosch

Discover the Science Behind Assessments & Motor Performance

In part three of this podcast series Coach Bosch and I get into chapters five and six of his book 'Strength Training & Coordination'.

Specifically we discuss the following:
  • How the structure of In Season training changes from out of season? Volume, Movements etc.
  • Do you divide your training into phases such as hypertrophy, power, etc?
  • Do you have a workout template for specific training day emphasis? (i.e. agility day, power day, order of components)
  • How long does it take for an athlete to 'groove' a pattern before adding variability?
  • In Ch. 5 on page 182 you discuss the importance of understanding 'transfer of training'...why do coaches misunderstand/apply this and what do we need to better understand about transfer?
  • Are power measurements an accurate reflection of an athlete's performance?
  • What are your thoughts on velocity based training and the specificity of power measurements as it relates to transfer of power to performance?
  • Why do athletes who do power training not necessarily get quicker?
  • On pg 191 you discuss the importance of transfer of strength exercises....what are the two key components to ensure transfer of strength applies to athletic performance?
  • Plus much more!
Frans Bosch is an international lecturer in motor learning and training theory at the Fontys sports college in the Netherlands. He also works as a consultant and a specialist coach for the Welsh and Japanese national rugby teams and West Ham United Football Club.


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