Why Performance Happens At The Team Level w/Ed Hoffman

Why Performance Happens at a Team Level

In this SPECIAL EDITION podcast episode I discuss all things leadership, culture, optimal learning, and more with Dr. Ed Hoffman, Former Chief Knowledge Officer NASA.

During our conversation we cover:
  • ​How did you first get involved with NASA? What did your role evolve into over the years?
  • What were some of the challenges you faced working with today's talented young generation?
  • What did you learn about leadership along your journey?
  • How can coaches work with the 'entitled' talented athlete?
  • Why does performance happen at the team level?
  • What did you love most about the roles you got to play at NASA?
  • Anything you would go back and do differently as a leader?
  • Your Success Model
  • What are your 4 A's for Success?
  • The mistake of interchanging the words 'capacity' and 'potential'
  • How to UNLOCK one's ability due to fear
  • What to do if your team/staff struggles with alignment
  • How can coaches apply best apply your model working with their athletes?
Dr. Ed Hoffman is the Former Chief Knowledge Officer for NASA.  He also works with leaders of industry, academia, professional associations, and other government agencies to develop the agency’s capabilities in program and project management and engineering.

Dr. Hoffman has written numerous journal articles, co-authored Shared Voyage:  Learning and Unlearning from Remarkable Projects (NASA, 2005) and Project Management Success Stories:  Lessons of Project Leaders (Wiley, 2000), and speaks frequently at conferences and associations.  He serves as adjunct faculty at The George Washington University.

He holds a Doctorate, as well as Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees from Columbia University in the area of social and organizational psychology.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Brooklyn College in 1981.


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