Coaching Conversations

Coaching Conversations

More often than not, it seems like coaching conversations tend to be one sided.

(Which is funny in and of itself because in order to even have a conversation it requires both parties communicating) Why is that? Here are a few reasons:

  •  Yes we have an agenda for the day that we need to get done
  • Yes our athletes can be extremely frustrating
  • Yes we as coaches often struggle with a ‘my way or the highway’ complex
  • No our athletes shouldn’t have an opinion when I have coached for over ten years
  • No our athletes can’t talk because they already have a hard enough time following instructions and don’t listen

Here’s a question…

Are you communicating to your athletes? Or are you connecting with your athletes?

There’s a difference I promise.

Over eighty five percent of athletes who have taken the Ready To Play Mental Profile have struggled the most in the following  two areas.

  1. Regarding ‘connection’, it’s the coaches who struggle to connect with their players and/or it’s the players who are literally scared to try and connect with their coaches! (more on this later)
  2.  Regarding ‘clarity’, athletes struggle with ambiguity in understanding the coach’s message in one or more of the filters of thinking, feeling, or doing.

Want to have coaching conversations with your athletes that actually have an impact? Simply make sure you provide the following with your athletes…

  • connection
  • clarity



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