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In this podcast series I interview Ville Simola of  

Here in this podcast we discuss the following:

1.  What’s the story behind CML?
2.  What exactly it CML and why can it be a great tool for coaches?  How does a coach use the ‘number/score’ generated from the device?
3.  How is CML different from other devices out there such as HRV?
4.  Is this device for only speed and power sports?
5.  Is there an age minimum to use this device?
6.  Is there a ‘team application’ for CML?
7.  Give us the details of your current crowd-funding campaign?
8.  Where can listeners go to find out more?

For more information about Check My Level visit


It all started from horses. Our founder was studying race horses and noticed an interesting phenomena. Low-voltage electric current could be used to assess the recovery status of the horse. After a long period of research something completely new was born: The Checkmylevel Training Readiness and Recovery Monitor. It uses low-voltage current to stimulate your muscles and nerves, your peripheral nervous system to be exact.

And the result? The most accurate device to assess your recovery. And why is recovery important? As they say: train and get tired, rest and improve.

Checkmylevel includes a novel assessment device, smartphone app and reusable electrodes all included in the starter pack. Verify the tested smartphone models from our website.


Click Here to visit the Check My Level Crowd-funding Campaign


We have developed Checkmylevel together with athletes and sports scientists in the cold but tech-savvy Finland. It has been used by professional athletes and teams around the world. And now we are extremely proud to bring our state of the art solution for Recovery and Training Readiness assessment to you. If you want to push that extra mile or avoid injuries, you should monitor your recovery.

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