In this podcast series titled ‘The YOUR BEST Mindset’ I am joined by Dr. Carol Dweck, best selling author of ‘Mindset- The New Psychology of Success’ and we are talking about SPORTS PARENTS!!!

Dr. Dweck is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation and is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.  Her research has focused on why people succeed and how to foster success. She has held professorships at Columbia and Harvard Universities, has lectured all over the world, and has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Her scholarly book Self-Theories: Their Role in Motivation, Personality, and Development was named Book of the Year by the World Education Federation. Her work has been featured in such publications as The New Yorker, Time, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe, and she has appeared on Today and 20/20.

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Below are a few topics from our discussion in part three:

  • What is a time frame it might take for an athlete to learn to change from a fixed to a growth mindset?
  • What happens when a parent has a fixed mindset but their young athlete has a growth mindset? Or Vice versa?
  • What happens when one parent has a fixed mindset and the other a growth mindset?
  • Are the mindsets gender biased?
  • What are some examples of messages of failure?
  • What’s the best way for a parent to give feedback and praise?
  • Any advice for parents who see their child play their best in practice but can rarely do so in games?
  • What’s the best gift a sports parent can give their child?
  • Plus more!








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