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Proud Dad– One of my top five core values is being a great father for my two young boys.  There is no greater privilege and feeling in the world than to be a parent and know that you are impacting the lives of another like no one else can!  In fact, that is exactly why I wrote the book ‘Parent Your Best’.  It is my promise and commitment to my children to be the best father that they need me to be.   Will I mess up?  Definitely!  But it is my relationship with them and how I value them in my life that gives me purpose.

Performance Coach–  I have worked with athletes in all areas of physical performance since 1992.  Some of my highlights include working with teams in six countries as well as being the offseason speed & conditioning coach with the NFL Carolina Panthers, the WUSA Atlanta Beat, the National Champions Charlotte Eagles Men’s Pro Soccer Team & Lady Eagles, and various professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS as well as Division I, II, & III colleges around the country.  I have a passion for working with athletes and coaches to help them become the best version of themselves both on and off the field.  Some of my interests include sport specific speed development, ACL rehab, low back injury prevention, and developing sport specific strength.  My biggest passion is in building winning cultures and maximizing mental performance.  For a more formal list of my educational background you can download my CV here.

Speaker/Presenter-  Speaking is one of my greatest passions and is actually what I enjoy the most.   I have had the undeserved opportunity to speak at international/national/regional/state level conferences consistently over the past ten years including the National Soccer Coaches Association Convention, the National Strength & Conditioning Association Convention, South Carolina Coaches Association State Convention, United Kingdom NSCA Convention, and others.  My main focus though is geared towards providing interactive seminar experiences to schools (middle and high school) and clubs  (soccer, lacrosse, baseball, swimming, etc) delivering the ‘Coach Your Best’ and the ‘Building A House of Champion’ messages.  For more information on the various topics that I like to speak on click here.

Author/Product Creator-  I have had the good fortune of creating a variety of successful educational products in the past including Football Fast (DVD), Lower Body Performance for Sport w/Gray Cook (DVD), Movement Based Games (DVD), KwikGoal Soccer Speed (DVD), Fit for Soccer (DVD), the Athlete Mindset (DVD), and others.  Most recently I have authored a series of books titled ‘Parent Your Best‘ (Amazon Best Seller), ‘Coach Your Best‘, ‘Swim Your Best‘, and ‘Play Your Best‘, with two more on the way.  For more information about any of these resources visit www.athletebydesign.com/resources.

Sports Science Research-  There is no question about it, I LOVE Sports Science!  It is this love for learning and questioning that led me to helping to bring the Hop & Stop test to the world of sports performance as well as getting to be a part of the Polar Heart Rate Performance Research Team in 2007  and getting to be on the Cybex Insitute Advisory Board starting in 2009.  In fact, be sure and checkout all of the articles by my good friend and Institute Director  Dr. Paul Juris at www.cybexinstitute.com.

Sports Axiology Research-  In 2005 I came across a little known science called Formal Axiology, the science of human value.  Since then I have committed the past six years to bringing this technology to the world of sport and what is now known as Sports Axiology, the science of human value and decision making in sport.  Using this profiling technology with  teams and individual athletes in five countries worldwide since 2006 has allowed myself and my team of associates to use the mental profile data of thousands of athletes to create a mental performance system unlike any other.  I have also published two articles on this topic in the Journal of Formal Axiology.  For more information on Sports Axiology and how it can help you and your athletes click here.

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