Understanding the ADHD Brain and Sports Performance [podcast]


In part one of this new series titled ‘Understanding the ADHD Brain and Sports Performance’ I have a great discussion with nationally recognized Dr. Ari Tuckman.  Here is just some of what we discussed:

  1. What is ADHD?  Should it really be called Attention Deficit Disorder?
  2. Does ADHD actually hinder or help athletic performance?
  3. What are a few signs for coaches to look for in identifying an athlete who may possibly have ADHD?
  4. Great athletes make great decisions.  What are Executive Functions and what do they have to do with decision making?  What are the social implications they can have within a team setting?
  5. I often challenge my athletes to build better brakes when it comes to effective decision making.   You use the term ‘Response Inhibition’ in your workbook ‘Understand Your Brain Get More Done’.  Why is this so important for coaches and athletes with ADHD and what are a few practical strategies to improve it?

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