Ready To Perform Mental Profile

What if you could measure your athlete’s mindset just like you do a ten yard dash?

Better yet, what if you knew the exact make-up of your athlete’s mental map that would give you insight as to how to leverage their inner strengths and address any potential areas of weakness?

If you’re like most coaches and professionals who work with athletes, you’re facing increasing pressure to identify and develop athletic talent at all ages and levels of ability. While identifying physical talent is fairly simple in terms of determining a player’s forty yard dash, vertical jump, short shuttle, or any other number of fitness parameters, what is not easy is objectively determining a player’s mental capacity to perform.

Make Better Decisions…Get Better Results

Successful athletic performance includes the ability to consistently make good decisions.  How many times have your athletes fallen just short of a win due to a lack of focus or just a dumb mental mistake?  The greatest coaches understand how to develop good decision makers as well as good athletes, but even they can find it difficult to truly know what’s going on in their athlete’s head.

If You Have Tried Traditional Sports Psychology Assessments before…

For the first time in the history of sport psychology, there is now a mental performance profile that can objectively determine a player’s decision making pattern. In fact, this profile is so unique that it has little to do with the traditional field of sports psychology.

Never before have athletes, coaches, agents, teams, and parents had access to measuring inner potential as it relates to decision making ability. While traditional sports psychology focuses primarily in the areas of behavior and social concepts, Sports Axiology measures HOW an athlete actually thinks. This information gives great insight into how best to communicate with athletes and how to leverage their mental strengths and manage any area(s) of potential weakness.

So Is Sports Psychology Out The Door?

By no means at all!  Sports Psychology has been empirically proven time and again to enhance the mental performance of athletes.  But…it is missing an objective assessment to help determine EXACTLY which psychological strategies are needed for each individual.

For example, how do you truly know if the mental strategies that your player’s use are actually working?  Sure you may seem to see a difference on the field, court, or ice, but what if you could measure a player’s inner game just like you do a ten yard dash?

The Ready To Perform Profile™  measures ten specific mental attributes common to athletic success including:

  • Game Intelligence
  • Team Player
  • Focus
  • Self-Motivation
  • Self-Discipline
  • Mental Toughness
  • Coachability
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Awareness & Personal Accountability

The results in each of these areas are simply a snapshot in time of your athlete’s current decision making pattern about them self and their sport.  The scores are then used to help understand the athlete’s capacity for decision making for that particular attribute.

For example, a high score in self-confidence would indicate that the athlete doesn’t currently require a whole lot of conscious attention and energy to be strong in this area.  However, a low score in mental toughness would indicate that it will take a lot of time, attention, and effort to help develop this attribute and the athlete is not likely to perform well in a stressful environment.

The Science Behind the Ready To Perform Profile™

The Ready To Perform Mental profile is based off of Sports Axiology, the science of human value and decision making in sport.  This little known science is based on mathematics and evaluates an individual’s value judgment in real-time.  For more information on Sports Axiology click on the banner to the left to download and read the latest journal article ‘Applying Axiological Profiles to Sport and Business’ found in the Journal of Formal Axiology: Theory and Practice Vol. 3.

Who Is It For?

The Ready To Perform Mental Profile™ is appropriate for athletes ages fourteen and above and has been used by high school athletes, college athletes, and professional athletes all over the world.  Some of it’s uses include:

  • Talent Identification
  • Talent Development
  • Talent Recruitment
  • Identifying the cause of a performance slump
  • Better understand exactly how to best communicate and motivate an athlete
  • Reveal the mental strengths and weaknesses of an athlete
  • Identify specific emotional patterns that may be blocking successful performance
  • Plus more!

 What All Is Included In the Ready To Perform Mental Profile™?

Each athlete receives a customized report reviewing each of the ten mental attributes discussed above .

The report provides the name of the attribute, the score, and a clear description explaining what the score means.

You Will NOT Find This Type of Individualized Information Anywhere

If you do a search on Google for sports psychology profiles, you will quickly see that they cost anywhere from $69 up to $299.  However, the Ready To Perform Profile™ was created as a cost-effective instrument for individual athletes and coaches with a sensitivity to price.

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*Note:  This version is for athletes who play team sports.

** Please contact me for more information or to request a sample report

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