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Real Challenges Faced By Real Athletes & Coaches Just Like You

No longer can you survive on talent alone if you want to be the best.  Rising to the top means being consistent and making daily sacrifices to be the best. While all athletes want to be successful, this doesn’t always come easy.

Which one of these situations applies to you?


  • You’re a multi-sport athlete– you find yourself being rushed into the preseason of your second sport even before the season of the first sport ends.  This leaves you with little time to rest and prepare for your next sport.
  • You’re a single sport athlete- you play your sport all year round.  You have a fall, winter, spring, and summer competitive season.  Not only are you on the verge of burn-out, you rarely have time to practice and get better because you always have a game or tournament.
  • You’re preparing for the next level- you finally have the upcoming opportunity to play with the best and you have only a short time to prepare.  Most athlete’s have someone to write up a training program to give them, when what you really need is someone to walk you through the process along ‘with you’.
  • You’re returning from an injury-  you are coming off an injury and trying to return to play as quickly as possible.  Most important, you want to make sure your injury will not affect future performance and that you will not suffer the same injury again or worse.
  • You’re just looking to get fit- you may compete here or there, but primarily you are just trying to stay fit.  The difficulty is trying to schedule and organize your training around your everyday life including your job, family, etc.


  • You are concerned about your player’s lack of athleticism.  You feel that your player’s can improve in the areas of speed, strength, power, conditioning, or even the mental side of performance.
  • You have a constant desire to learn and improve your current program.  You want the best for your athletes and clients and actively look for new ideas and strategies for improving your services.
  • You are looking for a better system of identifying, recruiting, and developing player talent.  Your current system has served you well in the past but you have to make sure that who you select on your team is the best fit for everyone.

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