The Performance Path To Olympic Gold with Rett Larson

The Performance Path To Olympic Gold- Rett Larson

In this episode of the Coach Your Best Podcast I have a conversation with Rett Larson, one of the modern day giants in the world of performance coaching.

If you have never heard Rett speak you are in for a delightful suprise. DO NOT listen to this episode in your car!

Make sure you are in a quiet place with limited distractions and have a pen in hand.

In this episode we discuss:
  • ​Rett's story on how he became a coach and transitioned from the United States to the Chinese Olympic teams
  • How Rett approached working with a variety of Chinese Olympic Sports Teams including the Rio Gold Medalist Women's Volleyball Team
  • How Rett overcame cultural and language barriers as an American coach working with Chinese athletes
  • The importance of being vulnerable with your players
  • Rett's approach to using a 'Stop light' coaching system with athletes
  • How Rett dealt with elite athletes who had a very limited training backround
  • Rett's 20-30% rule when working with new athletes
  • Why coaches should implement the 'self-organization theory' of training
  • The danger of a 'technical competency' coaching model
Rett Larson is the strength coach for the Gold Medal winning Chinese Women’s Volleyball team. Prior to this Rett spent his first four years in China as Project Manager for EXOS-China, where he worked with many of the Chinese Olympic teams including dozens of gold medalists before moving to Shanghai to train their elite athletes for the National Games. Prior to that he was with Velocity Sports Performance for 10 years and became the Director of Coaching at their headquarters in Newport Beach, CA. While at Velocity, he held various coaching and support positions and was able to work with many elite and professional athletes. Rett has recently begun working with JUZPLAY, a performance training company committed to developing China’s next generation of Olympians.

Rett received his Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. While at UNC he was an assistant strength coach with the football team and did his Master’s thesis on the effect of a weight-vested plyometric program on the vertical jump of elite athletes. Aside from coaching, Rett has been one of the primary fitness writers for Volleyball Magazine for the last ten years.


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