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In this episode of the ‘Coach Apps’ series I review the video analysis app Ubersense.

I first became aware of this app a year or two ago when it was called Excelade.  The company decided to rename it Ubersense and have made some fantastic upgrades along the way.

The best part is that for now the app is totally FREE!

To find out more about the Ubersense app visit


Here is what I cover in this episode:

  • What is Ubersense?
  • The top 8 ways that you can immediately use this coach app
    1. teach movement skills/sports skills
    2. create catalog of drills/educational courses
    3. build relationships with sports agents/head coaches
    4. make it part of your initial athlete eval
    5. use it in your summer camps as either a specific station or part of signup bonus
    6. compare the athlete to a pro
    7. use it for a pre/post comparitive
    8. physical therapists & athletic trainers can use it in a rehab clinic setting
  • A short discussion with Alex Pedicini, Ubersense Community Manager
    • What’s the overall mission and purpose of Ubersense? 
    • What’s your role at Ubersense?
    • Are there any exciting new features updates that you could tell us about?
    • Where can coaches go to learn more about Ubersense or if they have any specific questions?
  • Plus more!

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