Groundbreaking Study on ‘Fun Maps’ for Youth Sports [new podcast]

 What You Should Know About Fun Maps In this podcast series I interview Dr.  Amanda Visek, lead researcher and Sports Psychologist at George Washington University on the recent published study on ‘Fun Integration Theory’.   Here in this podcast we discuss the following: What is the ‘Fun Integration Theory’ and why should coaches know about it? What […]

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Athlete Directed Coaching w/Roy Sugarman Part 3

What’s the truth about helping others change? In this podcast series I interview Roy Sugarman, Phd, author of ‘Motivation For Coaches & Personal Trainers’.  He is also serves as the Director of Sports Psychology for EXOS.  Here in part three of this podcast series we discuss the following: What’s the difference between extrinsic vs intrinsic motivation? […]

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